These 4-Year-Old Twins Are More Fashionable Than You’ll Ever Be


I hate kids. Let me just start with that. I don’t like their sticky hands. I don’t like their carefree attitudes. And I don’t like that it’s acceptable for them to go to sleep at 8 p.m. but it’s not for me. Still, while I generally don’t love children, there is one thing that I admire about them:

When they pretend to be adults.

Something about little kids pretending to be hip, pulled together adults really gets to me. Maybe it’s the blazers. Or the perfect Instagram aesthetics. Or the fact that they look so old, yet I could still push them down and run away in an emergency. Either way, I’m obsessed. And Bella and Chloe? They’re the winners at this game.

The two 4-year-old twin sisters are talking social media by storm, and for good reason. Adorably called The Royal Twins, they’ll pretty much make you hate yourself. But they’re so cute, you sort of won’t mind. They look better than you. They dress better than you. And their Instagram? It’s much, much better than yours. I didn’t know it was possible to be jealous of high-fashion children, but behold: It totally is.


A photo posted by Bella & Chloe (@theroyaltwins) on

Halloween goals.

A photo posted by Bella & Chloe (@theroyaltwins) on

Born to be basic.

A photo posted by Bella & Chloe (@theroyaltwins) on


The actual cutest thing ever.

A photo posted by Bella & Chloe (@theroyaltwins) on

Never have I ever: Been more jealous.

A photo posted by Bella & Chloe (@theroyaltwins) on

Can I be them?

A photo posted by Bella & Chloe (@theroyaltwins) on

Like actually?

Maxi game on point.

A photo posted by Bella & Chloe (@theroyaltwins) on


A photo posted by Bella & Chloe (@theroyaltwins) on


[h/t Design Taxi]

Image via Instagram / TheRoyalTwins

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