There’s Now An App To Dump Your Boyfriend For You Because It’s 2015 And People Are Horrible

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Breakups are the worst. The conversation is depressing, you end up resorting to the “It’s not you, it’s me” line 80 percent of the time, and there’s honestly nothing worse than seeing a grown ass man cry. It would be much easier for everyone involved if there was some way to virtually make the split, to save you both the pain of such an awkward encounter. Maybe then you wouldn’t have to give all those hoodies back.

A new app called Binder is making it easy for you to ditch your boyfriend, delivering an insultingly vague message alerting him that he’s been “binned.” As in, put in the trash bin. What a clever play on words.

The app describes itself by clarifying, “The Internet has made it super easy to find the special someone. Binder makes it just as easy to get rid of them too. With one swipe we take out all the pain of chucking your other half.” God, I hope this whole thing is a joke.

Let me be honest: This invention is crap. If a guy ever used this to dump me, I’d call his mother. Seriously. I would call his mother and explain what her no-good, piece of shit son has done, because this is legitimately the most cowardly approach to a breakup I’ve ever seen. Leave it to millennials to come up with more ways to cut a significant person out of their lives using the internet. Nobody deserves that.

Except cheaters. Obviously.

[via The Telegraph]

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