There’s Now A New Tampon That Lets You Have Period Sex

Tampon Sex

It’s that time of the month, and let’s be honest, you want to get some. Unfortunately for you and your sheets, it’s a really inconvenient time to stay warm under the covers with a special friend….that is, unless you have Flex. Flex is a new tampon alternative that’s now available for women to make period sex as easy as the other 28 days of the month, so I’ll probably have to pause writing for a moment so I can run right out and get one. And they told us nothing good happened in 2016.

Stylish in a sleek gold wrapper resembling the Magnums we all know and love intimately, the Flex is a small soft disc you can insert in lieu of a tampon for up to twelve hours to stop flow and let you have all the period sex your heart (or clitoris) desires. It’s essentially a majorly improved period cup, but be sure to still grab a condom when you use it, because it doesn’t double as STI or birth control protection.

If you’re self-conscious about getting it on when Aunt Flo comes to town (or you just have really expensive sheets), it could definitely be worth it to give the Flex a try. To say this is a game-changer is a serious understatement, because your sex life is about to get so, so much better. Now pack your purse with a couple of gold foil packets, and you’ll have everything you need to make your Christmas hometown visit just a little more tolerable.

[via Refinery29]

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