There’s Finally A Medical Reason To Ditch Skinny Jeans For Leggings

There’s Finally A Medical Reason To Ditch Skinny Jeans For Leggings

Ever since leggings made their debut, the greatest debate among females from 18 to 28 has changed from whether Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi are interchangeable (they’re not) to whether or not leggings are pants. While the Blair Waldorfs of the world have argued vehemently against them, the Serenas couldn’t care less, because any excuse to not wear pants is good enough. If you’ve been on the fence, a new study just released by the British Chiropractic Association may just push you over the edge. Apparently, skinny jeans are giving us all back pain, so you should officially have the reason you’ve been looking for to switch to wearing leggings as pants. You know, for your health.

Apparently, stuffing your legs into restrictive, skin-tight casings isn’t actually good for you over time. I know, I know – shocking. The study explains that since we’re more restricted in tight skinny jeans, we can’t really maintain good posture, which leads to back problems. So if you’re a proud member of team “leggings aren’t pants,” congratulations! Apparently your personality isn’t the only thing that’s uptight.


Honestly, since I’ve been wearing leggings as pants for the last five years anyway, I really DNGAF if you think I should exchange my lulus for 7s, but now at least I know that if you try to fight me on it, I have cold, hard evidence that you’re completely, 100% wrong. For all of you skinny jeans wearers out there, I’m truly sorry for your loss, but look on the bright side – you’re now free to live a life of comfort in patterns and materials far more comfortable and forgiving. Besides, now that headbands are out, you finally have the excuse you need to make your transition to being a Serena – everyone knows we have more fun anyway. Welcome to the fun side.

[via Huffington Post]

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