There’s An Instagram Account Dedicated To Miserable Men Who Have Been Dragged To The Mall By Women

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Shopping is great. For some of us, it is a calming experience that can be both relaxing and almost meditative. For others, it’s a chaotic rush to find what we need quickly and efficiently. Either way, we love that shit. It’s an indescribable high that falls just under drinking and just above binge watching Netflix on our list of favorite activities.

You know who hates shopping, though? Your boyfriend. I don’t think I will ever understand the need to bring a guy to the mall with me. I’ve never done it, and I can’t think of any guy I hate enough to subject to such a cruel and unusual punishment–okay, I can think of a few. But I’m pretty sure the only thing a girl would ever get out of bringing a boy shopping is fleeting arm candy and perhaps a free pretzel from the food court, where he would inevitably end up spending 45 percent of his time.

If you don’t believe me when I say every guy hates it when you go shopping with him in tow, I invite you to check out one of the most pathetic and amusing Instagram accounts I’ve ever stumbled upon. It’s called miserable_men, and it follows those unfortunate guys who lost the battle and ended up unwillingly dragged into enemy territory. In other words, you’ll find countless pictures of men who wound up at the mall, bored and abandoned, burdened with an intense, temporary hatred for their lives. I guarantee that after taking a look at the following photos, you’ll leave your guy at home next time.

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