There’s Actually A Museum Of Ice Cream You Can Go To This Summer


If something about the summer heat makes you want to consume gallons upon gallons of ice cream, you’re not alone. Whether it’s a carton of Haagen Dazs or scoops at the closest Marble Slab, I’m finding myself getting ice cream almost on a daily basis. While not great for my waistline, I honestly can’t think of a better way to cool off from the insane summer heat. If you’re in New York or planning a visit anytime soon, you’re about to get the ultimate ice cream experience to beat the summer heat, because an actual ice cream museum is coming to you.

From July 29th to August 31st, you’ll be able to head over to the meatpacking district for the experience you never knew you were missing. Not only will you be able to taste ice cream to your heart’s desire, but you’ll also be able to explore a room made of chocolate and literally swim in a pool of sprinkles. If this isn’t heaven, I really don’t know what is. Tickets are only $18, and I guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth on items that shouldn’t even exist, like edible balloons. You’ll also get to experience ice cream from New York’s ice cream legends including Black Tap. Go ahead and tell me you wouldn’t pay $18 for one of these shakes.

That’s what I thought. Now, you’d better actually start your diet tomorrow so your body is ready for July 29th. Or don’t, and feel free to pick up some new clothes since you’ll be in the meatpacking district anyway. No matter what you choose, the most important decision is still ahead — what flavors are you going to indulge in?

[via Refinery 29]

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