There’s A Tinder For Girls Who Want More Girlfriends


It’s hard to make new friends when you move to a new city, whether that be for college or for a new job post grad. Joining a sorority is the easiest way to make a ton of new friends right off the bat, but if you just graduated or school only does fall recruitment and you missed out, I bet you’re feeling pretty freakin’ lonely right mow.

You’re in luck, because a new app launched last week called “Hey! VINA,” and it’s aimed at connecting girls with their future BFF. The app is for women only, because I’m pretty sure all guys have to do to make friends is grunt and wave at each other. With girls, it’s a little more difficult. We’re picky AF when it comes to our friends, because we consider our friends bad ass bitches, so we have to connect. We’re not just friends with anyone. Looking for a new girl friend is a lot like looking for a boyfriend — you’ll meet a lot of people but you’ll only hit it off with a few, if any. So why not approach it like dating?

The app runs basically the same way any dating app works. It shows you pictures and the bio of your new potential BFF (or at least F) and if you both swipe right, you’ll be a match and then you can chat and make plans to hang out. The app selects possible friends for you by taking into account mutual friends, proximity, and data from quizzes you take in the app.

The app is made for women, by women, so you know they understand what girls want in a friendship (and you know the app will be pretty). They developed this app because they understand the struggles of finding new friends when your current girlfriends move away, get married or start having children.

Some might say using an app to find friends is desperate, but I don’t think so at all. As someone who didn’t join a sorority until second semester freshman year, I know how bad it sucks feeling like everyone is having fun and making friends without you. And okay, maybe you won’t find your absolute best friend on this app. That title probably belongs to your childhood BFF or your college roommate. But you might find some cool girl who you enjoy hanging out with, and that’s better than sitting at home watching “Gossip Girl” reruns and talking to your cat.

[via TechCrunch]

Image via Hey! VINA

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