There’s A Naked Girl Lying Around Texas State Covered In Chick-fil-A

Let’s just get straight into it, folks. Ten months ago, a woman at Texas State University walked onto campus, stripped down naked, and sat on the steps of the school’s library, blindfolded. This was part of her grand mission to raise awareness and make a statement about sexual assault. I’m not sure whether or not she properly conveyed her message, seeing as how most people just used this as an opportunity to Snapchat their friends about the pink on the green, but she did manage to get people talking.

Well, naked Texas State girl is back, and this time, she’s covered in Chick-fil-A.

She looks just like Samantha covered in sushi. Coincidence? I think not.

She has the words “all you can eat” written on her body and on the napkins covering her punani. At first, I assumed she was trying to even the playing field, tip the oral odds in our favor, right the wrong that is an unfair ratio of blow jobs to happy meals. I thought it was genius — the female version of “suck it.”

I was wrong. This was no attempt to say “eat more chicken pussy.” She just believes that women are objectified and viewed only as “something to eat,” and thought covering herself in fast food was the best way to talk about it.

At least she fed the hungry while getting an important message out there.

[via Total Frat Move, h/t Grier Brown]

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Veronica Ruckh

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