There’s A GoFundMe To Get Aly Raisman’s Parents A Spa Day Because The Internet Is A Beautiful Place

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In case you missed it, the best part of the Olympics was definitely Aly Raisman’s parents, Ricky and Lynn, having borderline panic attacks in the audience. The cameraman had no problem showcasing the pair’s anxiety in the audience, and it was obvious that they were freaking out over Aly’s routines.

The swaying. The cautious eye-shielding. The color coordination. I love it all, and if I weren’t a financially independent college grad, you bet your ass I would be knocking on their door with a leotard in one hand and adoption papers in the other.

And now, you can lend in a hand in their de-stressing, as fan Berkley Rothmeier started a GoFundMe campaign to give Aly’s parents a much-needed spa day. Rothmeier writes,

I’m an Olympics fan who has appreciated watching Aly Raisman’s parents freak out in the stands while their daughter excels at the highest level of sport. I started this as a tribute to them and all they’ve done and for being such good sports as we all enjoy their moments of very public stress!! While chatting with a friend about how much we love the coverage of their spectator aerobics, we joked that someone should set up a Go Fund Me to get them a spa day. So I did. : )

The Raismans have acknowledged their rise to (internet) fame, and told CBS This Morning that they can’t help how they act on-camera because they’re so invested in Aly’s success. And I can’t even get a call back… from my own mother.

The campaign is only at $100, but I suspect it’ll gain some traction and grow pretty quickly. And if it doesn’t, Aly will for sure pull through with her heft cash winnings and endorsement deals. It’s the least she can do, after nearly pushing her parents to the brink of cardiac arrest.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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