There Is Now A Tinder-Style Dating App For People With STDs

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There are a lot of dating sites out there. This is partially because people are constantly coming up with bizarre ways to make money, but mostly because there are a lot of singles out there who are into weird shit. There are sites for people with borderline sociopathic fetishes, sites that will ship you a bride who doesn’t know a lick of English past “hello,” and now, there’s a site exclusively for people who have sexually transmitted diseases. Because apparently telling your friends that you met on Tinder isn’t embarassing enough.

The site is called Positive Singles, and I can confidently say that this name is the most twisted pun I’ve ever heard. The creators claim that the app exists to give people with STDs an opportunity to find love without fear of being judged or rejected by others. I guess it’s basically founded on the attitude of “Whaddup, you have a disease and so do I so let’s be infectious together.” It also offers a chat room and blog, so that people can seek advice from each other about living with specific ailments. So, think web MD, only with a social feature and about 750,000 lonely sluts.

Realistically, I can see how this would actually be really helpful for people looking to avoid the whole “I have an incurable disease and you’re probably going to get it if you touch my genitals” conversation. It sounds like the probably infected creators are basically trying to remind the world that people with STDs still have feelings, even if they also happen to have genital warts. My question is, what happens when you come across someone you know? Is it an unspoken agreement that neither of you will blab on the other’s embarrassing medical issues? They should probably make that shit contractual.

Let’s hope we never have to find out.

[via Boston Business Journal]

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