The Women’s March On Washington Recreated With Barbie Dolls Is Everything

The Women's March On Washington Recreated With Barbie Dolls Is Everything

You’ve probably seen dozens — if not hundreds — of posts from everyone you know who decided to march for women’s rights on Saturday, the day after the presidential inauguration. If you were in Washington or another major city like Chicago, you probably encountered massive crowds of hundreds of thousands lining up with signs to support our rights. However, if you live in a smaller place, some marches were tiny or difficult to get to, which kind of puts a damper on the whole let’s-all-get-together-and-support-each-other thing.

Mark Redfern’s daughter, Rose, was one of those who couldn’t make it to the march on D.C., but she brilliantly and adorably made lemonade out of lemons when she decided to hold her own women’s march with Barbies. Her dolls were dressed in costume and, of course, had themed protest signs to match. Honestly, I wish I had known about this march in advance, because I definitely would have shown up.

The dolls and their signs range from empowering to straight-up badass with Disney princesses and superheroes alike participating, proving that feminism is NOT a one size fits all deal. Whether ball gowns or spandex suits are your thing, your voice definitely has a place at Rose’s women’s march.

Whether you care most about the gender wage gap, climate change, or love like Rose, it’s not too late to grab a sign and speak up – even if you missed the women’s march in your area, your backyard is always open if you have the chance to root around through your attic and grab those old dolls. After all, it’s only fair that they get a chance to speak their voice, am I right?

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