The Top Ten Hottest Hunks in the Super Bowl

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Some people watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. Some watch it for the half-time show. Some throw a huge party, and for other reasons unbeknownst to me, some people actually watch it for the game itself. Me? I’m watching it to catch a glimpse of these ten hunks.

10. Matt Prater
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Hello, Matt. Forget Team Seahawks or Team Broncos – I’m Team Matt in Super Bowl XLVIII. Oh, and did I mention the list only gets hotter from here? Get excited.

9. Clint Gresham
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Not only does he have a winning smile, a winning attitude, and a winning paycheck, but Clint is known for being the good guy you’ll take home to your family on Thanksgiving. Throw in a potential Super Bowl ring to this already stellar mixture, and we have a winner.

8. Golden Tate
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I have no idea what a wide receiver does, but I’ll certainly be looking for this one on Sunday. What’s that? Shh? No, Golden, we absolutely do NOT have to talk. Good call.

7. Richard Sherman
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He’s a beautiful Stanford alum. Brains, confidence, and, hello, Jacked NFL player? Can you say full package?

6. Peyton Manning
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He’s a superstar — the name everyone knows, and have I mentioned that he’s already won a Super Bowl? Although I don’t normally pick guys that are more popular than me, I’d love to be seen on the arm of this celebrity hunk any day of the week.

5. Wes Welker
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I can’t decide what to stare at more – his gorgeous blue eyes, bulging arms, or $2 million pay stub.
BONUS: He used to play with Tom Brady. Wes, can you hook me up?

4. Luke Willson
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I never thought I’d find a hot Canadian, but this Super Bowl proved me wrong. Luke, you’re coming to the after party at my place, eh?

3. Russell Wilson
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Is this rose for me? How sweet! Those dimples. That smile. Those pecs! I don’t think I could ask for anything more than to be wined and dined by this beautiful, beautiful man. Why yes, I WILL accept this rose….and a 3 carat diamond, please.

2. Eric Decker
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More of a baseball girl? Me too. You’re in luck – Eric Decker is both a baseball player AND an NFL star. This Broncos wide receiver is truly the best of both worlds. He’s bound to get loads of screen time this Sunday, so don’t let your eyes wander for a second.

1. Joel Dresseen
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May I present Joel Dresseen, the hottest tight end in the NFL. Oh, what’s that? Tight end’s also the name of a position? How weird. You’d better believe I’ll be rooting for Joel, my new celebrity crush, to win Super Bowl XLVIII. Back off, ladies. You can have the other 9, but I call dibs on this one.

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