The Top 20 Sexiest Names

Sexy names

The dating game is hard. When it comes to finding someone, it usually comes down to two things:
• Meet him through mutual friends.
• Tinder (or Bumble, or whatever else the kids are using these days).

And unless your gals manage to have a lot of hot, platonic guy friends who they haven’t hooked up with and who don’t already have girlfriends, chances are you find yourself swiping. So what is it that makes the perfect match? A slutty, cleavage-baring picture? A clever bio? Abs? According to, The Grade, it might just have something to do with your name. The dating app complied all of it’s data to discover which guy and girl names were swiped right the most (and who they were matched with).

From The Grade:

1. Brianna (matched with Sean)
2. Erika (matched with Joe)
3. Lexi (matched with Chris)
4. Brooke (matched with Mike)
5. Vanessa (matched with Tyler)
6. April (matched with Tom)
7. Natalie (matched with Jonathan)
8. Jenna (matched with Joseph)
9. Molly (matched with Christopher)
10. Katie (matched with Eddie)

1. Brett (matched with Jessica)
2. Tyler (matched with Jennifer)
3. Corey (matched with Amy)
4. Andy (matched with Maria)
5. Noah (matched with Elizabeth)
6. Shane (matched with Taylor)
7. Jeffrey (matched with Michelle)
8. Rob (matched with Sarah)
9. Frank (matched with Stephanie)
10. Jeff (matched with Emily)

And as for the rest of us? I guess we’ll just go back to bugging our friends for dates and making love to our pizza. At least whenever we text the pizza emoji, we always get a response back.

[via The Grade, Cosmopolitan]

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