The Teaser For The Final Installment Of “The Hunger Games” Was Just Released, And It Will Literally Infuriate You

Hungergames teaser

“The Hunger Games.” Ugh just thinking about them gives you all of the feels. You devoured the books. You fell in love with the movies. Every time you hear that little four note whistle, you get excited, and jittery, and okay I’m just going to say it, slightly aroused. It’s the absolute best.

So when I found out that the teaser for the final installment of “The Hunger Games” was just released, I acted like a total white girl. I let out a squeal, grabbed my macbook out of my Lilly bag and instantly Googled that shit. And the rumors were true. The teaser for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2” was just released. And boy…does it tease.

All. Audio? What is this shit? I was expecting to see Liam Hemsworth do sexy Hemsworth things, like breathing. I was hoping to see Jennifer Lawrence be the strong, charming, boss-ass bitch that she is. I wanted to see, well, something. But no. In the most infuriating way, this franchise decided to live up to the name “teaser” and do just that. Tease us. Because uh, literally nothing was revealed. With audio mostly from the past and the symbolic mockingjay finally flying free, we’re left wondering “Wait…what?”

Since this movie isn’t being released until November 21st, 2015, they have time to screw with us even more. And considering the fact that we’re all going to go see it no matter what, they have nothing to lose by toying with us, which really sucks. Sure, it’s the final installment so they want to go out on fire (get it?), but seriously? We have enough to deal with with boys not texting and guys not swiping. We expected better from you, “Hunger Games.”

It’s a classic “playing hard to get” game, and I just gotta say, watch out “Mockingjay,” because that game is a sorority girl speciality.

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