The Stupidest Advice Ever Given On “Sex And The City”

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As a girl who grew up with “Sex and the City,” like many others, I assumed the words of these four, Manhattan women were gospel. Who could possibly question the advice of these smart, driven women? As I grew out of Carrie’s taste in shoes, though, I also began to grow out of her advice. Sure, it may be beneficial to accept career advice from a successful woman, but taking love advice from someone who’s failed again and again? Probably not your best chance for success. Unsurprisingly, as soon as I took a step back from the world of “SATC,” my love life took a drastic turn for the better. Here are the lessons I unlearned from “Sex and the City”–and you should, too.

  1. Guys who cheat on their significant others are boyfriend material.
  2. You can drink multiple martinis seven nights a week and still be incredibly thin.
  3. You should ignore your friends when they tell you to run away from a guy.
  4. A group of mid-thirties, single women who are serial daters probably have excellent love and life advice for you. Always take it seriously.
  5. Men are threatened by powerful women, and that’s why they’re not asking you out.
  6. Six years of casual sex is actually more fulfilling than a functional relationship.
  7. Picking the good fuck over the good guy is always a good decision.
  8. Chunky highlights are a classy and timeless hairstyle.
  9. Telling your significant others about your mistakes and bad decisions is something you should never do.
  10. Being late everywhere–including weddings–is completely acceptable if you’re having your daily personal crisis. After all, the world does revolve around you.
  11. Smoking a pack a day is chic and won’t do anything bad to your skin.
  12. You can totally afford a rent-controlled apartment in Manhattan without a roommate if you work as a columnist.
  13. You can also afford dozens of Manolo Blahniks.
  14. As seen with the popularity of Charlotte over Miranda, you should always aim for good looks over brains.
  15. You’ll keep all of your friends for the better part of a decade by always focusing on your own problems.
  16. Having a catchphrase isn’t annoying as fuck.
  17. It’s cool to be single and look down on people in relationships.

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RecruitmentChairTSM (@TheRecruitChair) is a contributing writer for Total Sorority Move. This current grad student and ex-sorority girl survives solely on Diet Coke and the tears of the pledges she personally victimized. She's a Monica, a Marnie, a Miranda, and a Regina. Her favorite hobbies include drinking $14 bottles of wine and binge-watching season 2 of Grey's Anatomy until she cries. You can send her annoying e-mails at

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