The Sexually Explicit Hazing Ohio State’s Marching Band Endured Will Make You Cringe

Ohio State

From “American Pie” to “Mean Girls” to life experience, it’s safe to say that members of the band are, and have always been, surprisingly sexual. Why? Simply put, they’re a coed team. They travel on buses together, occasionally have to stay in hotels together, and spend literally 15-20 hours a week together. And what happens when curious teenagers are in close quarters (sometimes with beds) with one another for that long? Generally, sex happens.

Naturally this appetite for the sexual stays with most students through college, when even the prudest Pollyanna will at least consider showing her titties for some beads (and sometimes, just for attention). Unfortunately, when you add in binge drinking and hazing, sexualization can get weird.

Band director Jonathan Waters was just fired by Ohio State University after officials discovered that sexual harrassment of new members was part of the team’s hazing rituals…and that Waters was often present for it. Normally, I think administrators can get a little sensitive about things like “the law,” but this actually crossed some lines.

1. In a special midnight rehearsal, for which Waters was present, students were made to perform in their underwear. One student suffered from alcohol poisoning during said practice, so it is probable that students were also made to drink.

2. Students performed the “flying 69” on tour buses. One student hung upside down from the luggage racks in front of the other, simulating the much hated (OR UNDERRATED) semi-kinky sex position.

3. Female members were expected to change on the buses in front of male members and vice versa (see? I told you. It’s those damn buses).

3. There was an “unofficial songbook” containing sexual rewrites of opposing teams’ fight songs. (Personally, I think this one sounds kind of fun.)

4. The newest band members were given sexually explicit nicknames. Waters used them.

5. And if you’re still not convinced that this is kind of fucked, the newbies were asked to simulate sex acts on command. One girl, and this is where I draw the line, was asked to simulate a sex act on the laps of other band members — fake lap dance? fake blow job? not so bad, right? — including her brother…. Oh.

Waters denies all accusations.

[via Dispatch]

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