The Royal Family Is Hiring Someone To Make Their Instagram Game Straight Fire


If there’s anything an ex-sorority girl knows how to do, it’s how to take the perfect picture for Instagram. I know how to adjust lighting and cast the perfect shadows to hide flaws and accentuate everything that should be accentuated. I might have tricked some poor company into hiring me for the second-most-perfect dream job, Professional Facebook Stalker, but my Instagram skills are something that I haven’t been able to make a profession out of. But guys, something has finally come up. The ultimate dream job, if you will.

The British Royal Family is looking for someone to be their exclusive Instagram poster. Okay, okay, technically the job title is Head of Digital Engagement. Still sounds absolutely amazing. The job basically puts you in charge of making sure the Queen’s social media is fire. The position is part of the Royal Communications branch, which makes it sound like you become royalty by association.

Even better? They’ll pay you for it; around 70K a year, actually. Not too shabby. It’s not just Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge (AKA Most Perfect Woman Alive), along with her husband Prince William, whose pictures you would be in charge of posting. Most importantly of all, you get to find and post the cutest pics of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

If you’re like me and nearly burst into tears at the first royal photos released of Princess Charlotte, this is the job for you. Applications can be found on the royal family’s official website, and the application is open until April 24th. I can guarantee I’ll be sending one in. I might not have any professional photography experience, but I can definitely take a cute picture of a cuter baby. Try me.
[via Buzzfeed]

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