The Real Reason Why You Turn Into A Psycho After Sex

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“Oh wow, that was great!” You sigh, as you fall back against the pillows. As you lay naked in your boyfriend/sort-of-boyfriend/random guy’s bed, you think over what just happened. You loved the way he did that thing with his tongue, and when he incorporated the giant feather from your Halloween costume? UGH. Dead. So good. As you stretch your arms over your head (while casually sniffing to see if you smell after the 20ish minutes of intense sex), you glance over at him. He’s laying back with his eyes closed, not touching you, and just existing.

What the hell? You think, as an uneasiness falls over you. I mean, sure. You’re not expecting him to roll over and ask you to marry him. You don’t even want to hang out with him all day. But is a hug too much to ask? Maybe some decent eye contact? A freaking forehead kiss? Ugh. As you scooch off of the bed to go to the bathroom, you feel it. The annoying feeling of clinginess that sometimes attaches itself to you after hooking up. Even thought you’re ~*tOtAlLy*~ not like this IRL, every once in a while you get really weird. You can’t help it, but as you stare into the mirror you can feel yourself turning into a crying mess.

I’m really happy to announce that for once it’s not you. If anything, it’s science. According to Mirror, there’s a reason why you sometimes turn into a psychopath after hooking up.

First published in Journal of Sexual Medicine after interviewing 230 people, it was discovered that our hormones are to blame for that weird, shitty feeling we sometimes have after getting laid.

From Mirror:

Almost half of all women could suffer from ‘post-coital dysphoria’, researchers say. The condition means that, after sex, 46 percent of respondents could suffer from what has been termed “post-sex blues”.

PCD is a condition which includes tearfulness, anxiety, agitation, a sense of melancholy or depression, or aggression. A third of women said they felt depressed even after satisfactory sex. The study suggested that changes in hormones post-climax could be to blame for attitude changes and headaches.

SEE?! The tears? The insecurities? The probing questions about where this is going and why he accidentally called you his ex’s name when he…you know? It’s totally not your fault! Even if you had good sex, the come down from your orgasm-high is to blame for your neediness. So basically, he’s just too good at sex, or something like that. Sure, it’s not true, but it’s a great excuse, amiright? So the next time you start sobbing into the pillow while some guy sits there holding his dick, just remember,


Sorry guys, it’s not our fault we’re so crazy. Guess you’ll just have to assure us that we’re pretty and deal.

[via Journal of Sexual Medicine, Mirror]

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