The PMS Package Will Send You Everything You Need To Get Through That Time Of The Month

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You can sense when it’s coming. You start crying, your stomach bloats up like a blowfish, your boobs are tender, and your face breaks out like it did when you were a teenager. It’s Mother Nature’s monthly gift, here to tell you in the most gruesome way possible that you won’t be having a baby anytime soon. Thanks, but you could’ve just sent a text.

When you’re on your period, everything pisses you off. Your boyfriend is of absolutely no help and he doesn’t understand why you absolutely need three different flavors of ice cream right fucking now. Luckily, there’s a guy who truly does understand. And he wants to help you.

Luke Buchy is a nineteen year old student at Ohio University with a brilliant business plan. He created the PMS Package, which is a monthly subscription box with candy, stuffed animals, socks, and snacks. Basically everything you could need or want on your period is in this box. Other subscription boxes all have one delivery date for all of its subscribers, but the PMS Package is delivered when your period specifically starts each month.

There are three levels of the PMS Package, ranging from $13 for a mini PMS package to $35 for an executive PMS package. The items in the package change every month, but even though the company is run by a dude, the content of the boxes is always chosen by a “team of girls dedicated to helping us put box ideas on a month to month basis.”

Girls everywhere are rightfully freaking out over this brilliant idea.

I guess you can technically just go to the store and get all these things yourself, but I think the appeal of the PMS package is the idea that someone cares about your period. Someone cares enough to deliver to your doorstep all of your favorite things in a cute little box. More than our deep need for chocolate, we just need to feel loved and special during that time of the month. That’s all.

Thank you for caring, PMS Package.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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