The Only Person You Need After A Breakup Is Your Best Friend


There are a lot of different ways to get over a breakup. Get under someone else! Block him on social media! Hook up wth your friend! Hook up with his friend! Slash his tires or go to all of his favorite places to make his life hell! Whatever route you choose (and whether or not you want a restraining order), all of these breakup options have one factor in common: your best friend.

Whether you start slutting it up (no judgements), decide to get drunk and cry on the couch for a month, or extract revenge, your ride or die, your PIC, your head bitch is always by your side, making sure you get through this unscathed and better than ever. She’s holding back your hair after you went too hard when you saw him at the bar, or she’s the one withholding your phone, so you don’t text him fifteen times in your moment of weakness. When my high school-turned-college boyfriend and I broke up, I slept in my best friend’s bed for a month because I was too sad to be alone. And thanks to her, I got over him, got under some other people, and now thank her every day that she kept me from going back to that asshole. Without our best friends, we’d still be obsessed with he first boy to ever hold our hands and for that, she deserves Edible Arrangements for the rest of her life.

In a new movie by Grandex Productions (yeah. We have a movie. You know. In theatres.), Temps, our leading lady Stephanie (Lindsey Shaw from PLL anyone?) is an ambitious go-getter in one of those casual, annoying-AF-but-the-sex-is-so-good-so-idk-what-to-do type relationships with her co-worker Jefferson (Grant Rosenmeyer from The Royal Tenenbaums). Jefferson is a temp worker whose only career goal is to afford an annual ski trip with his best friend and fellow temp, Curtis (Reid Ewing, Modern Family). When Jefferson falls for Stephanie, he is forced to re-evaluate his minimum wage, minimum commitment lifestyle. She likes him. He likes her. The only problem? He doesn’t want anything ~serious~ *cue: eye roll*. So of course when Steph and Jefferson have the fight and it looks like things are o-v-e-r, who does she turn to? Her best friend Amy. And Amy’s advice? Pretty bomb stuff.

In an exclusive clip from Hulu (hair flip), here’s exactly what you needed to hear after your sort-of boyfriend maybe dumped you and you were like “but it’s okay because we should be casual, right?”

Damn. Basically, if you want something more and he’s giving you some bullshit about wanting things to just be casual and “live in the moment” then your best friend is right. He’s an idiot. And as any bestie knows the best cure is not just cute boys and some trash talking, but her being by your side, pumping you full or carbs and hope.

To watch the full movie (because yes, you want to) you have two equally great choices. Starting TODAY you can watch it on a video-on-demand platform (like iTunes) OR you could make that not-quite-boyfriend of yours take you on a proper date, and watch it in select theatres. Either way you, your best friend, and your love life need to see this film. Trust.

To watch Temps on iTunes, click here.

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