The “Once Upon A Time” Cast For “Frozen” Is AMAZING

Once Upon A Time

If you love “Frozen” (spoiler alert: you do) and the #ThrowbackThursday specialty of “Greek,” all your dreams are about to take flight. “Once Upon A Time” has officially announced two cast members for the upcoming season featuring “Frozen,” and one of them is amazing. Some random, Elizabeth Lail, will play Anna, Queen Elsa of Arendelle’s younger sister. More importantly, Scott Michael Foster (you know, Cappie from “Greek”) will play Kristoff, the ultimate Disney prince of your fantasies.

After binge watching multiple episodes of “Greek,” I can scientifically say that Cappie is one of the greatest characters of all time. He’s everyone’s favorite TV not-boyfriend–he’s semi-douchey, frat, and best of all, hot as Hades. Plus, he has a top secret heart of gold.

Prepare for the next season of “Once Upon A Time” mentally and physically, because “Frozen” will be featured in the opening arc. Elsa hasn’t been cast yet, and I’d like to personally suggest that lookalike wandering around at Disney.

Next season’s plot will involve Kristoff learning to live in a castle with his newly beloved. Kristoff has to learn how to adjust to sleeping indoors for the first time in his life. Well, Cappie, if that’s uncomfortable, I’d like to offer my bed to you. Casey was boring, anyway.

[via TV Line]

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