The Official “Sex And The City” Drinking Game

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  1. Drink every time Carrie says “I couldn’t help but wonder” in the narration.
  2. Drink anytime Charlotte gets excited over a baby.
  3. Take a sip every time someone says “New York.” Tread lightly with that one.
  4. Take a shot anytime Samantha uses a dirty pun.
  5. Drink every time Carrie’s terrible financial decisions give you a headache.
  6. Take a shot anytime there’s a sex scene where one of the girls is wearing a bra. Because apparently that’s how people boned in the ’90s.
  7. Drink every time the girls are drinking. Obviously.
  8. Hit a joint every time Carrie smokes a cigarette.
  9. Drink whenever Steve is goofy and adorable and too pure for this world.
  10. Sip for every instance when Miranda’s outfit makes you severely uncomfortable.
  11. Drink anytime anyone yells at Charlotte for being insanely shrill and overbearing.
  12. And again when Charlotte fights back and says something profound and meaningful.
  13. Two drinks anytime Carrie is the most selfish person on the planet.
  14. Chug every time Samantha has sex with someone new.
  15. Drink every time Charlotte applauds intercourse.
  16. Drink every time Big and Carrie flirt on the phone.
  17. Sip every time Miranda’s work load stresses you out and reminds you of your fast approaching life of employment.
  18. One shot for every tingly happy feeling that Smith Jared gives you.
  19. Drink anytime someone is wearing sequins.
  20. Take a shot every time Big reminds you of your creepy uncle.
  21. Drink anytime Aiden makes you consider dumping your boyfriend.
  22. Two shots anytime someone wears a shrug or clogs.
  23. Drink for every date Miranda goes on with a guy that is way out of her league.
  24. Finish your drink anytime Carrie’s hair is so awful you feel legitimately ashamed for her.
  25. Drink whenever samantha is goals.
  26. …but also, like, really gross.
  27. Drink every time Charlotte’s neckline is absurdly high.
  28. Drink every time Carrie wears heels while hanging out in her apartment alone, because at this point I’m just going to assume that her feet are either bionic or just plain dead.

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