The Official Inauguration Day Drinking Game For People Who Want Alcohol Poisoning

Drinking Game

  1. Every time Trump says, “Build the wall” take a shot of tequila in honor of Mexico.
  2. Get a new drink and then chug that shit when someone talks trash about Trump.
  3. Down some vodka whenever you spot Bill Clinton debating whether or not to booty call Monica Lewinsky.
  4. Waterfall every time the new president begins to talk about making America great again.
  5. Do a body shot off of someone when you see a somewhat good-looking guy in the audience.
  6. Slap the bag every time a past president is mentioned.
  7. Take a shot for each political tweet you see.
  8. Make it a double if it’s a political Facebook post.
  9. Make it a triple if it is someone making fun of Trump’s hair.
  10. Do a beer bong whenever Mr. Pres acknowledges his family.
  11. Take a sip in honor of everybody who you suspect is drunk in the audience.
  12. Shotgun when your state is mentioned.
  13. Waterfall the entire time Trump has his hand on the Bible.
  14. Fill up a shoe with booze, and then chug that shit whenever the camera flashes towards Hillary.
  15. Do a tequila shot when Trump says, “Believe me.”
  16. Drink every time you see a flag.
  17. Finish your drink whenever you get jealous of how hot Melania Trump is.
  18. Take a swig of Russian vodka when Trump recognizes Putin.
  19. Flip into a keg stand whenever Obama’s name is mentioned.
  20. Shotgun a beer every time someone shortens “America” to “’Merica.”
  21. Throw back a shot every time a Twitter fight breaks out.
  22. Slap the bag when you recognize someone famous in the crowd.
  23. Take a shot anytime someone says they are moving to Canada.
  24. And take two when they don’t.
  25. Finish your drink when you love your country no matter what.

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