The Newest Summer Trend In Nail Polish Changes Colors With Your Mood Swings

Getting your nails done is the closest thing to feeling like a princess there is. People are literally waiting on your hands and feet, all while you sit there reading the latest shenanigans one of the Kardashians has gotten into. I just keep waiting for the news that Kylie is arrested or in rehab, to be honest.

If there’s anything stressful about going to the nail salon, it’s picking a color. Should I go with a simple neutral light pink, or branch out into shades like orange or lilac now that it’s almost summer? Do my fingers and toes have to match? Even if they aren’t the same color, I don’t want them to clash. I spend at least a good 10 minutes spinning those little carousels around, picking up and putting down color after color until I finally just give up and go back to my old faithful combination of light pink on my hands and dark pink on my toes.

This new nail polish trend saves you from having to make a commitment to just one color. Remember those mood rings that used to be your favorite piece of jewelry before you were even allowed to wear jewelry? Mood nails uses the same technology as mood rings to change the color of your nails according to your mood, or more precisely, your body temperature. The nail polish has a special top coat that contains a pigment that switches between two colors according to the wearer’s body temperature.

Heat makes your nail color appear as the lighter shade, and cooler shades take on the darker color. Take a look at the pictures below to watch the magic happen right in front of your eyes.


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When I'm cold/ When I'm warm. Love my mood polish!!! #gelnails #moodnails #bluenails #manicure

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