The Musical Version Of “Anastasia” Is Coming To Broadway And It’s Going To Be Magical

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The movie Anastasia might have come out when I was five years old, but the last time I watched it was literally this weekend. Judge me all you want, but I’m not ashamed that I know every single word to “Once Upon A December” and the song that got an Oscar nomination, “Journey To The Past,” in addition to totally crushing on Dmitri throughout the entire film. Still, Anastasia, you’re a princess and I really think you settled. Dmitri is a fuckable lovable guy, but he’s not royalty, honey.

The movie, for those of you crazies who aren’t as familiar with it as I am, features an orphan named Anya who travels to Paris in an effort to find her family and finally solve the mystery of where she came from. (Spoiler: you’re the fucking Grand Duchess, girl. Grab the crown and own that shit.)

This movie has always spoken to me, since it’s literally every little girl’s dream to discover that *gasp* you’re actually royalty and should definitely not be sleeping on a floor or being told what to do ever. Hell, it’s every adult’s dream, too, I think, since it still sounds pretty bitchin’ to me. The story of Anastasia is pretty incredible onscreen, but I’ve always wondered how much more vibrant it would be live and onstage. Now, I don’t have to wonder anymore.

It’s just been announced that the musical version of Anastasia is coming to Broadway. I’d say I’m not weeping tears of pure joy right now, but I’d be lying.

The show is due to open on April 24th of next year in New York City at the Broadhurst Theater after its debut this year at the Hartford Stage in Connecticut. The same cast will be appearing in New York, although there will be some familiar characters cut from the onstage adaptation—Bartok the bat, namely, as well as Rasputin, who gave me nightmares as a child so I’m not sad to see him go.

There are also a ton of new songs as well as my tried-and-true favorite, “Journey To The Past,” so needless to say I’m buying tickets as soon as they come out. I’m not even mad they didn’t immediately ask me to play Anya right off the bat. I’ll let it go as long as I can wear a tiara to opening night.

[via Variety]

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