The Most Unlucky Groom Ever Almost Died Trying To Do The “Dirty Dancing” Lift At His Wedding

Dirty Dancing

Romance is tricky to figure out. What works for one person sure as hell won’t work for another. One girl likes roses, one girl likes sunflowers, and one girl doesn’t like flowers because it’s a commercially sexist display of love (cue: eye roll). Pizza and Netflix is the candlelit dinner to some ladies, and for the most part, guys are screwed.

Except, of course, when it comes to the one universal romantic move. It’s a foolproof plan for a getting a lady in the sack. Naturally, I am referring to the “Dirty Dancing” move. You know, the one where Baby is lifted into the air by Patrick Swayze and all of our morals immediately fell to the floor.

Can we be her? Can we have him? Can someone just lift me up in the air like that and then we’ll live happily ever after? Please? It shows strength, dedication, drive, knowledge of pop culture, and, of course, it makes us feel skinny. The end. It’s become so universally known that anytime a woman runs at full speed towards a guy, he instantly tries to pick her up “Dirty Dancing” style because believe it or not, men have evolved. So, when a woman came charging at Mike Snel at the reception of his wedding, he didn’t think twice about lifting her into the air.

From Mirror:

The father-of-four requested the DJ play classic Time of My Life – made famous for the epic overhead lift – so he could have a romantic dance with his new bride. But he was astonished when his wife’s colleague unexpectedly ran at him, thinking the new groom would lift her up just like Baby in the 1987 movie.

The electrical engineer was not prepared and his arms gave way, causing the pair to fall to the floor, and his knee to bend sharply in the wrong direction. He tore almost every ligament in his left knee and he ended up in hospital for a knee reconstruction instead of going on his honeymoon to Jamaica.

The unlucky groom went on to pick up an infection in hospital which was so severe he nearly died from blood poisoning. A year after his mishap, unlucky Mr Snell has only just got back on his feet – just in time for his first wedding anniversary.

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact the he fucked his leg up so bad, or that it wasn’t even his new wife who tried to pull this off. Personally, I’m going to go with the second one. His wife seemed to agree given her statement: “If I had any advise for wedding guests it would be to leave the groom to his bride – and leave the moves to the professionals!” Which is basically a polite way of saying “this bitch is never getting a Facebook like from me again.” His knee can heal (a year later), but the passive-aggressive response she’ll have any time the coworker’s name comes up will last a lifetime.

So gents, if you want to try pulling the ultimate panty-dropper move, do some training ahead of time. Or only lift approved women. Or just be Ryan Gosling. Whichever.

[via Mirror]

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