The Most Underrated Forms Of Flirting


Flirting comes in all shapes and sizes. The types of flirting we encounter every day, boys texting you (wow, sad that’s the first thing I think of when it comes to flirting, but moving on…), making date plans, including you in their day, those are all fine and dandy, but there are some flirting techniques that we as a human species have been overlooking because they aren’t doing jumping jacks in front of us. Pay attention ladies, if a guy is flirting with you through these subtle ways, he may just be your prince charming.

The Facebook Poke
An oldie but goodie. A form of flirting that some may think is gone but never forgotten. I’m here to tell you, lady friends, the Facebook poke is still alive and well. The Facebook poke is for those guys who don’t have your number, or just simply don’t know what to text you. It exudes innocence. But behind the Facebook poke, is something else that wants to poke you. His penis.

Instagram Story Replies
My personal favorite. Your Instagram is where you get to be all about yourself and it’s socially acceptable. Nothing gets me more excited than when boys respond to my Instagram story because it means my thirst traps are working and these boys are drinking from the fountain of (my) youth. A selfie vid of myself singing in the car? Only on the internet because I think I look cute as shit. So when I get the crying face emoji followed by the fire emoji… Hook. Line. Sinker.

Asking You To Be His Drinking Game Partner
Do I need to spell it out for you? If he actively wants to get drunk with you. He actively wants to pump parts with you. There is probably a lot more than one girl at this party, so the fact that he chose you, probably doesn’t have anything to do with your athletic skills (or lack of) in real sports or drinking sports. In order to be someones drinking game partner, you have to be willing to spend a significant amount of time with that person. Now watch him try to hide his boner when you get the game-winning shot in beer pong.

Aggressive Twitter Likes
Not just one. Not just two. But three consecutive likes on your tweets at one time. Let’s look at the physics here. A) He was creeping on you. B) He thinks you are witty, smart, maybe even funny. C) He wants to get your attention with the multiple likes. Normally, you want to conceal your level of creeping. Aggressive likes at one time invites it.

Commenting On Your Drink Of Choice
“You like whiskey?” A simple question, one hundred different implications. “I want to have sex with you. I am unbelievably impressed right now. I didn’t know girls drank whiskey. No, most girls don’t, but she does. If I buy her one, I can buy myself one too because I actually like that drink. Is this that ‘when you know, you know’ moment? Fuck. I wasn’t prepared for this.”

Sitting By You In The Library
A more tranquil environment. Meant for studious work and anxiety attacks. The thing about a guy sitting next to you in the library is that it is forbidden territory. You can’t do bad things in the library, which makes you want to do them more. You know what I’m talking about. When you are sitting in silence and your leg starts twitching under the table. Your heart rate goes up just enough to make you uncomfortable. You want what you can’t have. You want to get it on in the middle of the library. If he is sitting by you in the library. He wants you. Bet.

So pay closer attention, ladies! These may be subtle ways to get into your pants, but they are indeed forms of flirting. You’ll never look at Facebook pokes the same again.

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