The Most Amazing Trend Is Sweeping The Nation: Frat Boys Are Now Making Coolers


I honestly never thought this day would come. After years of sanding, priming, sketching, tracing, painting, crying, and sealing, we accepted the fact that we would forever be the cooler makers. Then, something happened. Maybe our boys were bitten by some sort of insect. Or perhaps an apocalypse is coming. Whatever it is, the whole freaking world just got turned upside down because for some reason frat guys have started painting coolers.

Thats right. These beer drinking, shotgun taking, “zero fucks” giving guys are taking a few minutes (okay, hours. Okay, days) to fully appreciate what we go through when it comes to cooler making. Recently, there have been multiple reports of boyfriends stepping up and crafting for their ladies. Like, full on, “you’ll actually use these coolers in public” crafting. And since I know you wouldn’t believe it until you saw it, I stalked the shit out of people to bring you evidence. Behold, a new generation of men.

Some might called them whipped, but let’s be real, these guys know what they’re doing. A heartfelt gift is a literal panty-dropper in the eyes of a woman. So bravo boys, bravo. I never thought this day would come, but it seems that chivalry is officially back, and with it comes adorable gifts. Or, more likely, the world is just coming to an end. But hey, at least our drinks will stay cool in hell.

[via The Cooler Connection]

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Rachel Varina

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