The Little Mermaid Live Is Everything And More

The Little Mermaid Is Everything And Miore

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not too into broadway shows. I enjoyed going to my high school’s musical every year, but mostly to see my friends in it. But when I saw the cast for the weekend long concert event The Little Mermaid Live, I changed my mind. Not only is The Little Mermaid my favorite Disney movie, the entire cast is star-studded. The orchestra played while the cast belted out some of the best Disney songs ever written.

Sara Bareilles as Ariel:

Rebel Wilson as Ursula:

Tituss Burgess as Sebastian:

Other stars included Darren Cris as Eric, John Stamos as Chef Louis, Norm Lewis as Triton, and Joshua Colley as Flounder. How perfect is this cast, though? After watching Rebel Wilson as Ursula, it’s like everything else in the world made sense. The girl has some serious pipes and hella attitude. Sara Bareilles has the voice of a sweet angel, but we already knew that, and Tituss Burgess, from the Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, channeled his inner crustacean and made me wish I was devotin’ full time to floatin’. The event only ran from June 3rd-6th, but here’s to hoping NYC will soon be under the sea.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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