The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge Is Almost Too Funny To Talk About

I think we can all agree that Kylie Jenner is now a robot. Or a walking mannequin. Or at least 90 percent fake. I mean, come on. Look at her. “Cold, shiny, hard plastic.”

This girl

A photo posted by Kylizzle (@kyliejenner) on

Does not just magically become this girl.

A photo posted by Kylizzle (@kyliejenner) on

At least, not without a lot of implants, injections, and incantare. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t look rocking. If it was just me, her, and a bottle of vodka, I have a feeling I’d give the other team a try (judge me). But that doesn’t change the fact that her look isn’t exactly “natural.” Unfortunately, some less-than-intelligent humans just don’t get it. Boobs like that don’t just happen, and that ass? LOL, okay. But most of all, those lips. Those giant, artificial, flotation device-like lips that just scream: “I was not born with these.” For some reason, dumb-as-shit social media users seem to think that sucking on a shot glass, bottle, or other hole-shaped device would make their lips giant as well. This #KylieJennerChallenge has taken over social media, and the results are the perfect mixture of grotesque and hilarious.

So, naturally, we decided to give it a try. I mean, come on. What did you expect?

Lip challenge

To see our glamorous results, check out our Snapchat: totalsratmove. And remember, don’t try this at home! Or do, whatever.

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