The Internet Has Officially Lost It Because A Clip-On Man Bun Exists

You know those moments when bad ideas get worse? Like, when you’re at the bar, drunk out of your mind, and suddenly your best friend is like “we should totally dance on the table.” Or when instead of just not studying for your exam to watch Netflix, you decide to not study for your exam and go out until 3 a.m., black out, hook up with your ex-boyfriend, get into a fight with your ex-boyfriend, and eat an entire large pizza and jar of pickles by yourself? Yeah. This is pretty much exactly like that.

According to Mashable, clip-on man buns actually exist.

For the low cost of $9.99 and the loss of dignity, your man can become a wannabe hipster, without the possibly of going bald or actually committing to growing his hair out! Yay! I mean, sure let’s ignore the fact that man buns have already gone out of style and some places have even gone so far as to ban them because they’re ugly AF a distraction. Still, it’s all about equality. If we’re allowed to wear extensions, they should be allowed to too, right?

LOL fuck no. The only thing less sexy than waking up to a guy whose clip-on man bun is laying on the floor is, well, nothing. That’s just about the most unsexy thing ever. In a hilarious, “I hope this never happens to me but I’m loving the outrage” kind of way. And as it happens with any scandal, the internet has gone wild.

What a day to be alive.

[via Mashable]

Image via Instagram

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Rachel Varina

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