The Infamous “UVA Rape Case” Allegedly Began To Get A Guy’s Attention

UVA Rape Case

The false UVA rape case, made infamous by Rolling Stone magazine in 2014 continue to emerge with details that are truly worthy of outrage. After an interview with Ryan Duffin, a student at UVA who met Jackie when they were freshmen, the Chicago Tribune reports that the entire thing was allegedly an elaborate ploy to get the boy’s attention through catfishing.

Jackie quickly developed a crush on Duffin, who denied her advances but agreed to remain friends, though her affections for him were excessive (she bought him a birthday trip to Washington DC, costing her $350 and tickets to see the Silversun Pickups, despite only knowing him a few weeks). It was then that Jackie invented a guy named Haven Monahan, whom she claimed was a junior she met in chemistry class. Charlottesville police concluded that no such student has ever attended UVA, and evidence suggests no such person exists. Jackie showed Duffin photos of a guy she claimed were Haven Monahan, but it has been confirmed that they were photographs of a guy she went to high school with.

She somehow convinced Duffin to talk to Monahan, who was enamored of Jackie and could talk of nothing else. “Haven” quickly turned the conversation to Jackie’s affections for Duffin.

“Get this she said she likes some other 1st year guy who dosnt like her and turned her down but she wont date me cause she likes him,” Haven Monahan wrote in a text to Duffin. “She cant turn my down fro some nerd 1st yr. she said this kid is smart and funny and worth it.”

“He” later urged Duffin to date Jackie, or at least have sympathy for her, because she allegedly had a terminal illness, which Jackie confirmed.

On September 28, 2012, Duffin and a group of friends rushed to comfort Jackie who claimed to have just been on a date with Haven Monahan, who forced her to perform oral sex on five guys. A detail that was changed to nine guys in a frat house as part of a hazing ritual when she told the story to Rolling Stone in 2014. That night, she didn’t appear to be injured, and her dress (which Rolling Stone described as torn and covered in blood) was in tact.

She declined to report the alleged gang rape to the police that night or to go to the hospital, despite Ryan Duffin urging her to do so.

She told him over text:

“Ryan you know you are my favorite person of all time and I trust you more than anything in the world. I just need time to clear my head and I will go and report it. I need to do it when I’m ready though. And right now I’m not. Right now I just need someone to hug me and give me chocolate or something and in a few hours or a few days I’ll be ready.”

But she appeared to get over it within two days:

“I told him I forgave him for what happened friday night and then he thanked me for not reporting him which made me feel weird but the bottom line is I’m bad at being angry at other people so all I can do is forgive them,” Jackie wrote to Duffin. “And in spite of everything, I still think people are really good at heart and just make bad choices but that doesn’t make them bad people, right?”

This seems wildly unlikely, and Duffin eventually told Jackie that he “refuse[d] to believe that somebody like this could actually exist.” And Jackie assured him that Monahan was a frat guy, and that there were “about 3,000 more like him,” which is the exact narrative the media would eventually choose to believe.

Duffin didn’t buy it, and eventually pushed further on doubting Monahan’s existence, thus ending his friendship with Jackie.

“You know what Ryan, I’ve always trusted you and put you first and believed you over everyone,” Jackie texted to Duffin. “Why would I lie about something like that?”
Jackie continued: “All I want is for you to be happy. I appreciate you and adore you more than you’ll probably ever know and I’d do pretty much anything on the off-chance it’d make your life a little bit better.”

So according to the Chicago Tribune, this girl had a crush on Ryan, spent a creepy amount of money on his birthday gift, and when he did not return her affections, she invented a decoy guy to be in love with her and talk her up. She then faked a terminal illness, and made up a gang rape, all for his attention.

The lawyers of UVA’s associate dean Nicole Eramo concluded the following”

“All available evidence demonstrates that ‘Haven Monahan’ was a fake suitor created by Jackie in a strange bid to earn the affections of a student named Ryan Duffin that Jackie was romantically interested in,” Eramo’s lawyers wrote in court papers filed this week.

“The story was a lie when she first told it in 2012, and it was no more true when Rolling Stone recklessly published the tale in 2014,” Eramo’s lawyers wrote. They also wrote that there is “no factual basis whatsoever” in evidence submitted so far in the case “to conclude that Jackie is even an ‘alleged’ victim of sexual assault, let alone an actual victim.”

I encourage you to read the full details of this story at Chicago Tribune. Holy. Fucking. Shit.

[via Chicago Tribune]

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