The Hottest, Most Brutally Honest Couple Ever Discusses Married Life


I am obsessed with judging observing other people. I love hearing their juicy stories, learning about their romances, and comparing their lives totally and completely to mine. So when {THE AND} project started, I was hooked. Basically, they took people in relationships (whether the relationship is married, bf/gf/, exes, parents, whatever) and had them sit down to talk about the nitty gritty things in their lives.

And it. is. fantastic.

Now, one of the best couples ever, Lynette & Corey, is back. If you missed them the first time around (and honestly, you’re really missing out) I have to tell you. They have a fucking history. On again off again, cheating, one of them questioning their sexuality — this couple has been through it all. And while they were engaged in the first video, a lot of people didn’t think they’d make it to the wedding. But LOL, joke’s on them! They made it. And here they are talking about how two hot people who went through hell to be together can walk down an aisle and get married.


Uh. Is she not the coolest looking human ever? Also, how can they just be so honest? I would run out of that room crying before answering some of these questions. But hey, respect. More of this, and more on point contouring.

To watch their first video, click here.

[via {THE AND}]

Image via Youtube

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