The Hottest Guy Ever Dresses Up As Disney Characters For Fun


It pains me to my core to admit this, but there is someone in the world who takes costumes more seriously than I do. Not only that, but she pulls off the costumes better than I do. Not only THAT but she pulls off DISNEY costumes better than I do. Is this some kind of sick joke? I’m not one for violence, but the mere thought of this makes my blood boil. Where is this bitch? Tell her to meet me outside. Except there’s one problem — she is a he. A hot he. And I don’t know if I am envious or suddenly thirsty for his Hook hand, but it’s an oddly satisfying mix of both.

Meet Leo Camacho, AKA the name I will scream out later tonight while re-watching my childhood favorites. It’s confusing and wrong, and I love it. Not only is Camacho downright sexy on his own…

But (case and point) he also loves Disney. Or at least cosplaying Disney characters, according to Buzzfeed. And homeboy is damn good at it, too.

Did you hear that? It was just my ovaries exploding. No biggie. This man is everything I need in life and so, so much more. With him, I don’t need to negotiate a blow job just to watch “Aladdin.” There would be no more pointless fighting over whether or not it is “lame” to go all out for themed parties. Dare I suggest he might even help craft the costumes?

The only downfall is that his Instagram game is better than mine, which obviously would not work. Oh and he has no idea I exist, let alone that I am trying to catch my breath while stalking his Insta like the creeper I am. But when it’s meant to be it’s meant to be. So Leo, if you’re reading this, please know that I am willing to make it work if you are. We can snuggle up and scour Pinterest for the best couple costumes. Or we can binge watch the movies I grew up on. On your Netflix account of course.

[via Buzzfeed]

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