The Hottest Dad Ever Is Hilariously Making Sure His Daughter NEVER Loses Her V-Card (Photo)


Dads are the best. They said “yes” when mom said “no.” They carried us when our legs got tired, and they had no problem slipping us an extra $20 when we headed out the door. But even though they’re our number one men, they’re also embarrassing. Like really embarrassing. They tell dad jokes. They take way too many pictures of us. And they make it their sole mission in life to scare off any and all potential boyfriends.

They’re both a blessing and a curse. But one little girl’s dad is a way worse than the rest. Recently a photo of the girl and her father went viral on Imgur. This picture, actually.

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And it’s obvious she has the worst dad in the the world. No, I’m not talking about the shirt. Props to him. I wish my dad had made me one when I was sixteen and felt the need to date that kid on crew (note to high school girls: don’t date him if he’s on crew. Trust me. You’re not the only girl he’s pulling in his row boat, if you catch my drift). No, I’m talking about the fact that he is a total DILF. And all of her friends will want to fuck him. All of them.

I mean, have you seen his face? I’d like to make that face my couch. His shoulders? I’d like to use his shoulders as leg rests. His abs? I’d like to use his abs as a landing strip. His dick? I’d like to use his dick as a plunger. For my vagina. (sorry, too far?)

Yeah, I want to get me some of that dad.

So sure, it sucks that your dad is scaring off all of the little boys who want to throw dirt at you on the playground. And it’s SooOOOooOoo embarrassing that your dad could literally crush any of your boyfriends skulls with his bare hands. His strong, masculine, sexy hands…But honestly? Let the big girls play. And let them play with your dad. As user, rednessw4rrior said, “say hi to your dad for me.”

But really.

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