The Food You’re Eating Might Be The Reason You’re An Emotional Wreck

The Food You're Eating Might Be The Reason You're An Emotional Wreck

Remember the days when you would confide in your two closest homies, Ben and Jerry, when you needed a shoulder to cry on? Turns out those guys were liars, too– they weren’t there to cheer you up, but rather, turn you into even more of a drama queen and send your emotional well-being in to a deep, downward spiral.

A new research study suggests that your diet may affect your real feelings, especially if the foods you’re eating are high in trans fat. Not totally surprising. Trans fat has absolutely zero nutritional quality, and exists solely to prolong the shelf life of food.

The study assessed almost 5,000 people, and found that those who ate shitty food were more likely to be negative, depressed, and out of touch with their emotions. Which is confusing, because I eat pretty healthy, but I still feel like Grumpy Cat like 80% of the time.

I’m torn. They say that an apple a day will keep the doctor away, but an apple pie a day would definitely keep the doctor close by, and I wouldn’t mind marrying a doctor. For his intellect, of course.

The study also warned of other negative consequences of eating too many trans fats, like having higher cholesterol and BMI levels. Well, there you have it. There is officially no excuse for us to be eating like scavengers anymore. We can all take a very valuable lesson away from this news: it is now totally acceptable to throw produce at your friend next time she’s acting like a total douche.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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