The English Language As Defined By Sorority Girls


In the immortal words of Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”


Actual definition: A member of a traditionally itinerant people who originated in northern India and now live chiefly in south and southwest Asia, Europe, and North America.

Phrase: Fleeing persecution from the Nazi regime, a gypsy family, hailing from Romania, sought refuge in London in 1941. Many others followed.

Sorority definition: One who loves maxi dresses, Dave Matthews Band, oversized sunglasses, middle parts, braided headbands, fishtail braids, and $3,000 purses.

Phrase: Did you see the Coachella lineup? I’m absolutely going. I can’t wait to wear that new Anthropologie dress. God, I’m such a fucking gypsy. I like…am such a Jessa. Do you want to go shopping later? J.Crew is having an awesome sale.


Actual definition: No longer alive or living.

Phrase: It is with great sorrow that we announce that Sally Smith is dead. She lived a full life of ninety-three years and is survived by her two children and seven grandchildren.

Sorority definition: Something good, bad, exciting, terrifying, happy, sad, or LOL-worthy just happened — but it’s too hard to describe the complexity of the emotion. Syn: lost the ability to even.

Phrase: OMG. Jake just texted me the funniest cat video of all time, I’m, like, dead. LITERALLY. DEAD. Do not resuscitate. The living has ceased to exist.


Actual definition: To carry by hand.

Phrase: She toted the baby around all day, for little Sarah cried whenever her mom put her down.

Sorority definition: 100%, absolutely, positively, for sure, omg YES.

Phrase: Did you hear about the rager Tommy is throwing tomorrow night? I’m totes going. I’m gonna suck his…face, for sure. Are you wearing underwear tonight? I don’t think I’m going to. But it’s whatever.


Actual Definition: A concluding remark or gesture at parting — often used interjectionally.

Phrase: With a heavy heart, she said bye to her parents as she packed up her car and headed off to college.

Sorority Definition: The inability to handle something, not wanting to deal with something, not knowing the proper word to describe something. Typically follows a judgmental or jealous statement.

Phrase: Did you see Jenny’s engagement ring? It’s fucking huge. I mean, I wouldn’t even want a ring that big — it just draws attention to her fat fingers. Whatever. I don’t even care. Like. Bye. It’s not even worth talking about anymore. I’m gonna call Sarah and tell her.
Alternate spelling: Bai.


Actual Definition: Fairly good; agreeable.

Phrase: Claire felt at ease at the restaurant and when her date asked how she was doing, she said that she was doing ‘OK.’ He took this as a sign that a second date might be in the near future.

Sorority Definition: Oftentimes, shortened to ‘K,’ it is the antithesis of the normal definition. ‘K’ is the opposite of both ‘good’ and ‘agreeable.’ Generally put at the end of a sentence or used as a simple response, it signifies that the speaker wants to both punch you in the face and watch you die.

Phrase: He hasn’t texted me in like three hours. What the hell is that? Like. K. I hate you too, you fucking prick.

[via Merriam-Webster]

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