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The Kardashians are without a doubt the most entertaining family in America. Their lives are never boring, and as much as we all say we hate drama, we love (or hate to love) watching their family drama unfold. I mean, just today Rob Kardashian unfollowed his fiancé on Instagram and deleted every picture on his own Instagram. Why? We have no idea, but I’m sure we’ll all dying to find out.

Their show is probably the best thing on television right now, but if you’re not an avid Kardashian enthusiast like myself, some of the lingo they use might be a tad confusing. Here’s a detailed guide to help you better understand the strange and hilarious language of the Kardashians.

Words And Phrases

Bible: an expression used to indicate that you’re not kidding around, you really mean something, or that you’re swearing something is true.
“Bible – I want my iPad, my pen and my keyboard back.” – Kendall Jenner to Rob Kardashian after learning that Rob regifted Kendall’s present to him to his girlfriend, Blac Chyna.

Doll(s): a term of endearment to describe friends, family members, or anyone, really. The girls who work at the Kardashian’s clothing sotre, Dash, are even called Dash Dolls.
“Hey, Doll.” – Kourtney to any one of her sisters.

Literally: a word used in excess by the Kardashians meaning that they’re being serious or honest.
“Literally you’re being so rude right now.” – Kourtney to Kim.

Vagine: another (better) word for vagina.
“I have an itchy vagine.” – Kourtney to Khloé.

Fuck: an everyday word that describes a multitude of situations and things, and Khloé’s most commonly used word.
“Fuck me with a dildo if that’s what you think.” -Khloé
“Take a girl to dinner before you just fuck her up the ass.” – Khloé
“My mom cursed so much when we were little that I thought my name was ‘Fuck.’” – Khloé

Gives me life: according to Khloé, this expression means “to make one excited; to give one a reason to live.”
“Nori is giving me LIFE!” – Khloé

Damn, Gina: an expression commmonly used by Khloé to express her approval or admiration for someone, especially their outfit. It’s also the title of a series featured on Khloé’s app.
“DAMN Gina!!! Love how Beyoncé flaunts her curves!” – Khloé

Okurrr: a funky way to say “okay,” where one’s tongue rolls on the R’s.
“Okurrr! @khloekardashian this ones for you!” – Kim to Khloé after she turned her favorite phrase into a Kimoji.

Fact: a phrase used when someone is speaking the truth.

Snatched: a term to describe when something is on point – your eyebrows, your waist, your makeup, your hair, etc.
“Khloé’s waist has been looking snatched ever since she’s started hitting the gym hard.”

Todd Kraines: a family friend of the Kardashians and someone Scott loves impersonating when he wants to prank call Kris Jenner.

“Are you on crack?”: a rhetorical question used as a joke to describe someone whose actions are wild or crazy (used before Lamar came in the picture).


Shady: a word used to describe someone who is acting suspicious.
“He is so shady!” – Khloé about Scott.

Rude: a word most commonly used by Khloé to describe someone who’s being, well, rude. Usually said during an argument.
“Everyone is literally being so rude right now.” – Kourtney

Troll: what Kim calls Khloé when she wakes her up.
“Kim emailed me, ‘How fucking dare you? You’re such an evil bitch. How spiteful and jealous are you? How fucking dare you, Khloe? You crossed a major line with me. That shit is not okay. You dumb, evil, little fucking troll. You have no idea how much I hate you. You’re disgusting.’ All I did was wake her up.” – Khloé

Slore: a combination of the words “slut” and “whore.”
“Take a chill pill, you slore.” – Khloé

Douche Lord: an insult geared towards guys, particularly Scott, when they are being jerks.
“He’s a douche lord, so I hit him.” – On Scott Disick.

Satan: what Khloé calls her mom.

Slob-kabobs: an expression coined by Kourtney to describe a sloppy drunk.
“You’re acting like drunk slob-kabobs.” – Kourtney.

Hooker: an affectionate term used by Khloé to describe her sister Kim.
“Stop being such a hooker.” – Khloé


Keeks/Keke, Koko, Kyle, Kenny: the nicknames for Kim, Khloé, Kylie, and Kendall, respectively. They’re used by each other and they’re also what their nieces and nephews call the sisters.

P, Mase, Nori: the nicknames for Penelope, Mason, and North used by members of The Family.

Bible — I’m making it my personal mission to use all of these words and expressions in my daily life.

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