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You’ve carved the turkey (and spent the last week eating leftovers), so it’s officially time to get in the Christmas spirit. While you’re putting up the Christmas tree, baking (and eating) festive cookies, and hanging mistletoe that you’re hoping to trap that special guy under, you’ll need the perfect show on in the background to get you in the perfect decorating mood. I’ve compiled a list of all of our favorite Christmas episodes from all of our favorite shows, so pop some popcorn and get started. Bonus: all of these are available on Netflix for your instant streaming pleasure.

Friends – “The One With The Routine” (Season 6: Episode 10)

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While the Friends Christmas episodes can’t hold a candle to their Thanksgiving specials, there are some amazing gems here that you can’t miss. The best – and the most festive – episode by far is “The One With The Routine,” where Monica and Ross completely make the show by performing their middle-school dance routine. This is also just about the closest we see Joey getting to a happy ending in Friends, and if that doesn’t warm your heart, I don’t know what will.

BONUS: If that episode doesn’t quite cut it for you, skip to the credits in The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie (4-10), and you’ll get Phoebe’s famous Christmas song, which is totally worth it.

Gilmore Girls – “Forgiveness and Stuff” (Season 1: Episode 10)

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The first Christmas episode of Gilmore Girls perfectly captures all of our seasonal struggles from the lifelong dilemma of what to actually get your boyfriend for Christmas (bad), to dealing with your parents over the holidays (even worse). We get a secret look inside the mother-daughter dynamic that makes us realize the times that our moms were being huge bitches they were really just looking out for us. When Rory’s grandpa ends up in the hospital, we all take pause and remember just how #blessed we truly are this holiday season. In all seriousness, this reminds us to be thankful for our terrible, wonderful, annoying, amazing, stressful families instead of always taking them for granted. Watch this one with your mom and a box of Kleenex.

Gossip Girl – Roman Holiday (Season 1: Episode 11)

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Ah, the nostalgia of the good old days of Gossip Girl before Jenny fell off the deep end and Dan hooked up with Blair (#neverforget). We’re brought back to the original innocence of Serena and Dan’s relationship, even though Dan loses his innocence at the end of the episode. We also get our first taste of some of the Lily and Rufus series-long whirlwind, although with the ring Bart uses to propose, I honestly don’t know why Lily ever looked back. Dip into the world of our favorite Upper East Siders this holiday season and try not to get jealous of their Cartier gifts that most likely won’t be making an appearance in your stocking this Christmas.

The Office – Secret Santa (Season 6: Episode 13)

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All of the Christmas episodes of The Office are perfect, so this was insanely difficult, but I think we have a slight winner with Secret Santa. Between Phyllis as Santa, Andy’s 12 days of Christmas gift, and Michael as someone whose last name is Christ, has the power of flight, and the ability to heal leopards, this episode will slay you. As a bonus, the crew finds out that they all get to keep their jobs, which will give you all of the warm fuzzies. If you want to watch all of the other holiday episodes of The Office, which I highly recommend, you can find them all listed below:

  • “Christmas Party” (Season 2: Episode 10)
  • “A Benihana Christmas” (3:10)
  • “Moroccan Christmas” (5:11)
  • “Classy Christmas” (7:11)
  • “Christmas Wishes” (8:10)
  • “Dwight Christmas” (9:9)

Sherlock – “His Last Vow” (Season 3: Episode 3)

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If you’ve never binge-watched Sherlock, start as soon as your finals are over. (PS – this is one of the rare shows you can actually get your boyfriend to agree to watch with you. You’ll want to start from the beginning to follow along, but keep your eyes open for this awesome Christmas episode. It’s full of all of the things we love – engagements, badass women, and Benedict Cumberbatch, so make yourself a hot cup of tea and settle in for the TV marathon you deserve.

Grey’s Anatomy – “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” (Season 2: Episode 12)

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Because nothing will give you the feels like season 2 Grey’s Anatomy, and MerDer not being together will actually make your heart cry. Not to mention this episode is home to the single-best one-liner of Grey’s Anatomy history:

And let’s be honest – is there really a better present you could possibly give yourself than 45 quality minutes of McDreamy hair, circa 2005?

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