The Be-All End-All Frat Summer Hookup Bingo


Admit it, whether you’re a specific frat groupie or love them all, you’ve secretly kept a mental list of every frat you’ve hooked up with. And odds are, you’ve wanted to check off each one. Here is your chance. Whether you’re at school this summer, visiting campuses, or just hanging around at home, gather up the squad and begin a game of Frat Bingo. And even if you don’t win, considering all the guys, and numbers you get, you definitely won’t lose.

Objective: Achieve Bingo. Fill a space by hooking up with a guy from the category. Sex, although encouraged, is not necessary. A solid make out counts just as much.


Rule #1: All previous hookups do not count. (Sorry but temporarily erase that mental list.)

Rule #2: Since there may not be enough frats at your school or hometown to fill the board, other categories must substitute. If you don’t have bars at your school (or your parents think that curfews are actually a thing) then think TAs, grad students, the hot guy at Starbs, the random at the beach, or of-age high schoolers — whatever you have to do to fill the board.

Rule #3: One guy cannot fill more than one space. You have to decide on your own what that cute TKE bouncer counts as.

Rule #4: For a space to be filled, picture evidence of the hookup must be taken. If a picture is not possible (or you blacked out and forgot), a signature and phone number can substitute.

Have fun, and whatever you do, try to keep the numbers of the pre-law and pre-meds. You never know, you know?

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