The Bachelorette Confirms What We All Thought, All The Good Ones Are Gay

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We’ve all known that guy who, for whatever reason, was a little different than the other boys. He always had a lot of girl friends–but not just to flirt with them. He always had impeccable style–and not just because his mom picked out his clothes. He was sweet, sensible, and hilarious in ways no other boys could be. We were best friends with these boys, we had secret crushes on them, and we might have even dated them. Whatever that thing was that made them different from all the other meat-head, football-playing guys, we loved it, and we loved them.

However, not all dreams come true, and usually guys like this don’t like girls like us (or girls in general). When I first found out that one of my best guy friends didn’t have the same “I wonder what he looks like naked” or “maybe one day we’ll be married” thoughts about me, I was lost, but then again, everything finally made sense.

I’m sure this is something along the lines of how Kaitlyn from The Bachelorette is feeling right now, because SURPRISE two of the most gorgeous guy contestants have fallen in love.

Yes, while Clint and JJ were macking on poor, deceived Kaitlyn, they were growing “very close to each other in the shower.” Sounds *StEAmY* to me. I’m usually anti-Bachelorette, but I might have to watch this week’s episode just to get in on the “Brokeback Bachelorette” shower action.

[via Queerty]
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