The Average Woman Will Make Out With 15 Guys Before Getting Married

The Average Woman Will Make Out With 15 Guys Before Getting Married

If you are hopeless, yet pragmatic, romantic, you are in luck. Women’s Health has crunched the numbers, and they found that a woman will make out with fifteen guys and fall in love twice before settling down and getting married.

Well, fuck. Make out with fifteen guys? I would knock that out in one high school weekend. Fall in love twice? That’s SUCH a SATC move.

The survey given to 2,000 women in UK also found that the average woman will go on four bad dates, be stood up once, and sleep with seven guys, four of which being one-night stands. All these numbers of what women must endure before finding “the one” are being thrown at us, but I think they are missing a few:

  • 19 shack shirts
  • 3 lost thongs
  • 21 pints of ice cream
  • 79 unanswered texts
  • 1,004 Chipotle bowls
  • 82 Facebook requests
  • 2 missing bras
  • 244 episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy”
  • 86 minutes on Facetime
  • 500 trips to Starbucks
  • 5,897 Instagram likes
  • 1 heartbreak playlist
  • 1 girl power playlist
  • $902 spent on retail therapy
  • 190 deleted pictures
  • 27 tubes of mascara
  • 4 identity crises
  • 3 unused gym memberships
  • 649 tinder swipes
  • 58 booty calls
  • 120 razors
  • 6-to-9 69s
  • 5 stolen Netfilx passwords
  • Countless reminders that you are a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man
  • 0 fucks given

Got it?

[via Women’s Health Magazine]

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