The Almost Relationship Is the Hardest To Get Over


You spend months fooling around with that one special person. You never really define your title cause you’re just having fun and it’s whatever. But once you realize things have ended with that person, especially if you had been loyal to only him, your world is now gonna suck.

I’ve always had the hardest time getting over the guys who were never really mine to begin with. Sure, I’d been unintentionally committed, and sure I mentally (in thoughts based outside reality) hoped he’d been doing the same thing, but nothing was ever set in stone. So why, am I shocked and devastated every time to see him sitting at the bar making out with someone else? Why am I pissed at him for breaking rules that didn’t ever exist?

The biggest problem is not the loss that you feel from not having him anymore, it’s everything that could have been. You probably spent time imagining a future together doing things you’ve always wanted to do with him standing next to you. Well now he’s gone and you can’t do those things. It’s every tiny thing you’ve thought about him. Daydreaming about where you’ll spend spring break, or which bar you’re going to. Even (cringe) one day getting married and possibly starting a family. You may not have even genuinely had feelings for him, but you will be missing the idea of having someone, anyone, to be there with you.

Starting over and getting over him isn’t going to be easy. Sometimes getting over this kind of guy takes longer than an actual relationship. But it’s something that needs to be done, because to people who don’t know the situation, you literally look like a psycho cause he never belonged to you. Of course you need to take however long you need to fully recover, but you definitely shouldn’t sulk too much. And drunk texting him (which I am extremely guilty of) will never help the situation.

In the end, things ended for a reason. And if you were with a guy who would choose making out with a sloppy random over you, then it’s good that things ended, even if it doesn’t feel that way right now. But keep your head up, because you’re in college! The one place where hot guys are on every corner. You’ll have plenty of other options for guys to be with, so start looking.

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