The All-Nighters You Pull For Finals This Week Will Actually Be Good For Your Health


So you have one week left of school which sounds awesome…at least until you remember that you have an entire semester’s worth of assignments left to turn in by Friday. Sure, you could have prevented this by not procrastinating in the first place, but what’s done is done. Now it’s time to start pulling all-nighters in the hopes that you can still scrape by with a couple of B’s so you have one less thing to piss your parents off about this Christmas. While all-nighters most certainly suck, you might actually be doing yourself a favor by staying up all night.

A study published in the scientific journal Neuron shows that staying up all night can actually serve as a temporary cure for depression. While it doesn’t have any long-term effects and you should definitely still see a doctor if you’re experiencing any signs of depression, this study shows that the receptor in your brain that antidepressant medication affects is affected by one other thing too: sleep deprivation. When you stay up all night, you send the same signal to your brain that anti-depressant medication does, which can significantly alter your mood for the better.

So if finals have you down (and let’s be honest, don’t they for all of us?), know that by staying up all night finishing that lit paper you’re doing your mind a favor as well as your grade. Make a Starbucks run for a venti red cup, caffeinate yourself beyond all reason, and cram away. While this week certainly sucks, let’s all give your brain a little shout-out for giving you the mood booster you need to get you through these dark and dangerous times.

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