The Absolute Best Disney Channel Songs, Ranked

we're all in this together

I’m going to just cut to the chase here. Disney channel puts out some bangers. Like, some bangers. The shows and movies, while totally cheesy yet adorable fulfilling gave us something that stuck with us forever — catchy songs with unforgettable lyrics (and some cringeworthy auto-tune). And even though we’ve grown and matured and haven’t listened to (or admitted to listening to) these songs in years, when revisiting you realize somethings never change, including how damn good these songs are (and how attracted we always were to Zac Efron). And so I give you, the best Disney Channel songs, ranked. Don’t blame me if people start requesting HSM at the bars from now on. Or do blame me, idgaf.

13. Get A Clue: “Get A Clue”

When Lindsay Lohan was just a sweet, innocent girl and we knew her more for Parent Trap than for, well, everything else.

12. High School Musical 2: “Bet On It”

Zac Efron is hotter, and the song is decent, but whoever choregraphed this must have really hated him.

11. Cow Belles: “On The Ride”

They were cute, the movie was cute, the song was cute, and they reminded us strangly of Taylor Swift before Taylor Swift was even a thing.

10. Camp Rock: “We Rock”

Demi Lovato and a whole bunch of Jonas brothers? What’s not to love?

9. High School Musical “Stick To The Status Quo”

The song that taught us to not branch out, don’t try new things, and be exactly who everyone thinks you should be. Or *did* it?! Mwahaha.

8. The Cheetah Girls: “Girl Power”

Cheetahs. Girl power. Fucking duh.

7. The Lizzie McGuire Movie: “Why Not?”

Was anything better than your brace face self listneing to this in the car on the way to the mall where you could get sparkly lip gloss at Limited Too? No. The answer is no.

6. High School Musical: “When There Was Me And You”

You know that guy who you thought was your boyfriend but then he held hands with another girl (the bitch) and completely destroyed your hope in men? Yeah, you listened to this song while you cried about him after school.

5. The Cheetah Girls: “Cheetah Sisters”

The first real time we learned ovaries before brovaries.

4. High School Musical “Start Of Something New”

Imagining Zac Efron singing a song about starting to be in love with us was the sexual awakening for most girls in 2006.

3. High School Musical: “We’re All In This Together”

Bomb dance movies. Catchy as hell song. Lots of alluding to Grease. It made us all hope that high school involved lots of hot basketball players who fell for dorky girls and spontanious dance numbers.

2. High School Musical: “Breaking Free”

If you didn’t dream about this exact situation happening to you for most of your middle school years, you’re lying.

1. The Lizzie McGuire Movie: “This Is What Dreams Are Made Of”

Fire emoji times 1,000,000.

God bless you, Disney.

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