The 7 Types Of People You See On Campus


No matter the time of day, you always seem to run into at least one of these people on campus.

The Weird Couple

They’re probably holding hands, cuddling on a bench, or God forbid making out. I don’t know why it’s the couples that look like they watch anime in their spare time, but it always is. These two make me wonder a few things. How did they even line their schedules up to be on campus at the same time? How do you have all this free time on campus to be in love? Shouldn’t you be like, I don’t know, going to class or something? They need to display as much PDA as possible to prove to whoever is around that they found someone who will date them.

The I’m Stuck In High School

Usually a Freshman, but sadly not always, they are easy to pick out of a crowd. You’ll see them wearing a “Class of X Year Graduated” tee. It’s truly a tragedy seeing a former high school star athlete still rocking a letterman. Live in the now, come to the light. You don’t have to peak in high school.

The Old Hookup

Statistically, the odds of running into someone you’ve hooked up with on campus is pretty low (or maybe it’s high, no judgement), but somehow they always come back to haunt you. It’s usually at the worst times. It’s when you’re having a rough day, or rolled out of bed and went to class, or have that “day four dirty I’m wearing a baseball hat” hair. I always pray to God like to think that they don’t recognize me.

The Local “Celeb”

They either have a big social media following, or an imaginary budding career being a “rapper” or a “DJ.” But you definitely know who they are. You’ve stalked their social media several times, and know a little more about them then you probably should. As you walk past this person you can’t help but think, “I know you, but you have no idea who I am. Heehee.”

The Why Are You Wearing That On Campus

As you walk through campus comfortably in leggings, an oversized tee, and Nikes, that’s when you spot them. The people that put a little too much effort into what they’re wearing for class. A full face of makeup, a shoe that is not fit to trek across campus, and obviously planned out outfit, it’s all so much. Maybe they’re better than me for putting in the effort, maybe we should all look our best. I’m just too comfortable with my “troll bridge” look now to ever go back.

The Promoter

They are on a relentless mission. You will take their flyer. You will attend their club. You will give them a dollar for whatever they’re fundraising. It’s the real life pop up ad. You know as soon as you make eye contact, it’s too late. That’s where they get you. Shield your eyes!!!

The Sorority Star

The best people ever. Great to be around, you automatically want to be their friends. How do you know they’re in a sorority too? You just know. Oh, and they probably have their letters on every article of clothing, their backpack, laptop, etc. Even though you may not know this person, you can always share a knowing glance when you walk by each other.

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