The 7 Types Of Boyfriends You’ll Have In Your Lifetime


It happens to the best of us. One second we’re flirting with the cute barista and the next? We’re wearing our ugly pants and lounging on the couch with our significant others. That being said, not every relationship is the same. Some are horrible. Some are amazing. Some are purely for PR (hello, #MCM), and some are actually the real thing. So no matter which one you’re in, just know we’ve all been there. Here are the seven different types of boyfriends most, if not all of us will have. Because yes, we’re basic. And no, as long as we have someone to watch Netflix with we really, really don’t care.

The Practice Boyfriend

Maybe you dated in middle school. Maybe he was your first kiss. Either way, he was the first boy to make your heart flutter and your feelings soar. Chances are, it didn’t work out. Whether you actually went on dates, or he just threw sand at you at recess, he was the first boy to make you realize that boys actually aren’t that bad. Maybe you even kind of like them? Weird.

The First Love

Your first date. Your first makeout. Your first glimpse at what love was really about. He was the first guy to take you to movies and the first guy to get you a holiday gift. He was the first to nervously shake your dad’s hand, and ask what time you needed to be home. He was the first boy to look into your eyes and say “I love you” and he was the first person you gave yourself to. Maybe it worked out. Chances are, it didn’t. But that doesn’t change the fact that a teeny tiny part of you will love him, and what the two of you shared, forever.

The Bad Boy

This is the guy who was all wrong for you. Maybe you knew it the whole time, or maybe you didn’t realize it until later. Either way, he didn’t always text you back, and you fought. All. of. the. time. He annoyed the shit out of you and made you cry. But you really, really thought you could change him. Which is funny now. Still 10/10 agree that he was hot AF, and made your legs weak. So it wasn’t all bad.

The Safety Guy

Maybe you always copied his notes in class. Maybe he was always your “BFF” who you friend zoned for years. Maybe he’s you best friend’s boyfriend’s nerdy best friend. Whoever he is, he’s always been there for you. Maybe you end up accidentally dating him. Maybe you just text him whenever your boyfriend is ignoring you for “football.” Either way, you seem to always find yourself sitting across from him at Applebee’s, ordering three desserts because yes, he’s paying. And no, you don’t have to put out. Despite the fact that he’s hopelessly in love with you, it’s just never, ever going to work out.

The Wrong Timing

Maybe he was your first love. Maybe he was your high school sweetheart or your college boyfriend. Whoever he was, he was perfect. Your brain went fuzzy when he kissed you. Your heart soared when you saw him. He was everything you wanted, until, of course, everything went to shit. Maybe you got into different schools. Maybe he got a job somewhere else. Maybe life got in the way and all of a sudden you realized that you couldn’t be together. You always sort of hope that one day it’ll work out, and you hate literally every girl he dates. Still, you want him to be happy, even if it’s not with you. But when you’re wine drunk and lonely you’ll find yourself texting him because in your mind, he’s still pretty much perfect.

The Learning Experience

This is the guy you learned the hard lessons with. Maybe he cheated. Maybe you did. Maybe he couldn’t handle his liquor or maybe he was just a dick. Whatever it was, dating him was, for the most part, shitty. Sure, you had some good times. But this is the guy that when you look back on the relationship, you shudder and wonder: “what was I thinking?” Still, you like to concentrate on the things you learned from him, and how to value yourself. Whether he ended it, or you did, you can’t help but feel stronger for it. And no matter what, you never, ever look back to him.

“The One”

The person you want to call whenever anything, good or bad, happens. He’s the one who makes you laugh harder than you thought possible, and hugs you when you feel like you can’t go on. He calls you out on your shit, but loves you for exactly who you are. For some people, this is your first love. For other people, you don’t find him for a very long time. Sometimes more than one guy is “the one” and sometimes no one fits the title. But if you’re lucky enough to find him, you know. You know in the way he says your name. And you know in the way you can just be yourself around him. Whether you travel the world, or just Netflix titles, he’s the guy for you. For now, at least.

Or if all else fails, you just have a lot of cats. Either way.

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Rachel Varina

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