The 6 Types Of New Members In Every Pledge Class


The new member period is really a time like no other. You can be creepily obsessed with a fraternity, drop everything to throw what you know (incorrectly) 24/7, wear leggings to a formal chapter, cross the line/not know your place, and be a complete shit show at your first date function or mixer. The best thing about being a new member is you can make all these dumb mistakes and then blame it all on being new. You’re still discovering who you are and where you fit in in the chapter. Every new member is one of the following:

1. The Legacy

Ahh, what could be better than watching your daughter/niece/younger sister join the sorority you once called home? Apparently, for many, nothing! Despite the fact that sororities’ reputations change year-to-year, many proud moms who can’t let go of their glory days encourage their daughters to share their letters. It’s a great idea in theory and really tugs at the heart strings, aside from the fact that many times legacies don’t actually fit into a sorority just because their great-grandma was in it in 1950. But hey, at least you’ll get a great picture on Parents Weekend and can discuss ritual with your mom and aunts at your next holiday party.

2. The Frat Groupie

Everyone joins sororities for different reasons, and to be honest, I see nothing wrong in wanting to join to meet guys. Sure, you shouldn’t go through recruitment if you’re one of those, “I just don’t really get along with girls,” girls, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to meet boys. You should, however, try to not be that new girl that talks to one boy in a fraternity one night and thinks you’re basically their sweetheart.

3. The Girl Throwing What She Knows Fucking Everywhere

In a dining hall? Throwing what she knows. At the bar looking completely gone? Throwing what she knows. On a hike with a backdrop of dead, barren trees? Still fucking throwing what she knows. It’s almost endearing how much pride she has in her sorority and how little shame she has flaunting it at literally any time/place. Just make sure to know how to throw what you know before attempting, because there’s nothing your friends will love to bring back your senior year more than the picture of you on bid night completely fucking up your own sorority’s symbol.

4. The Girl Who Has No Idea What Business Casual Means

The first formal chapter is always a treat, as it really demonstrates the diversity (cluelessness) of the new class. A rough 20% of the new pledge class looks like they’re going to a wedding, while another 30% are in bandage skirts that should definitely be reserved for frat basements. The other 50% ranges from skinny jeans to maxi dresses, while 100% of the older sisters wonder if that’s really what we looked like as new members. Meanwhile, the marketing and PR chair immediately sets up a date to go over a “what not to wear” presentation with the new class.

5. The Aspiring Exec Board Member

*Opens bid* *Writes presidential campaign speech*
This girl is the same girl who will win all the serious formal awards in the future, like “Most Inspirational,” and “Most Likely to Change the World.” She’s a go-getter to some, an annoying goody two shoes to others, but either way she definitely has opinions on how the chapter should be run, and will not be afraid to step on the toes of learn from the current exec board.

6. Standards’ New Worst Nightmare

Also known as the opposite of the aspiring exec board member. This is the girl who threw up at the pregame, made out with two sisters’ exes, and cried half-naked on the floor all at her very first social and all the while screaming about the new sorority she’s in. We all have our off night. Just try not to make your “off night” your first night, or every night.

It’s okay if you’re a new member hot mess. Embrace your mistakes and know that we’ve all been there. Just make sure to learn from them, too. No one likes the girl who still blabs about knowing, like, all the guys in Kappa Sig, wears crop tops to chapter, and has a frequent flyer card for standards meetings.

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