The 6 TV Couples That Should Have Ended Up Together

The 6 TV Couples That Should Have Ended Up Together

Whether you’ve just been dumped, started your period, or just need a good cry for no reason at all, may I present to you the six TV couples that should have ended up together but didn’t. Partially due to bad writing and partially due to idiotic fan preferences, some of our favorite couples from our favorite TV shows just never happened, leaving the rest of us to be stuck wondering why. Grab your tissues, replay these episodes, and let out all of those built up tears thinking about all of the couples that should have been.

Phoebe and Joey
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Of all of the FRIENDS matches, I’m constantly blown away that Phoebe and Joey not only never made it official, but never hooked up in the first place. Although as we just recently found out that they really did almost make it happen. What were the directors thinking to say no to what could have been the best TV coupling of all time? In a world where Rachel Green gets off the plane for Ross Gellar of all people, surely Phoebe and Joey could have at least gotten in one kiss.

Carrie and Berger
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Considering Berger was the only idiot on SATC that could even come close to putting up with Carrie for any amount of time, I’m honestly not sure why the show’s writers had him break up with her on a PostIt note. So she could be a weird sex slave for Petrovsky and end up with Big, even though as we ALL KNOW, they NEVER would have ended up together in real life? It really just doesn’t add up. Carrie and Big may have “ended up together” after the credits of season six rolled, but we all know that a month later, they’d be fighting just the same as before, and Big would run away to yet another twenty-year-old. Should have stuck with your fellow writer, C.

Dan and Vanessa
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Let’s be honest. Dan had about as much of a chance of ending up with Serena as I do of ending up with Joe Jonas. Not only is Dan broke AF while Serena is the queen of the Upper East Side, but with their parents hooking up for years on end and sharing a secret sibling, I think it’s safe to say that these two were doomed from the start. In a perfect world, Dan would have ended up with fellow Brooklynite and creative weirdo Vanessa, where they routinely have coffee dates, jam sessions, and talk about how they lived in Brooklyn before it was cool.

Serena and Nate
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Ok, so there are two couples from GG here, but that’s only because this show got it so wrong that it’s not even funny. Of all of Serena’s romantic options throughout the series, the best by far was Nate Archibald. Not only do these two come from the same ridiculously unbelievable background, but they relied on each other throughout the entire show, showing that not only do they have ridiculous chemistry, but they trust each other as best friends as well. Besides, they could double date with BFFs Blair and Chuck and have the most adorable blonde babies of all time. What’s not to like?

Ted and “The Mother”
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This was the cheapest TV show ending of all time. I haven’t rewatched a single episode of this show since the finale aired two years ago, and I’m STILL boiling over how it ended. After spending years — YEARS — following Ted’s story and watching his heart break over and over, we were all pulling for him to get through it because it would all be worth it once he met the mother. And he did, and she was great. But then she dies so Ted can jump through hoops for Robin all over again? This is ridiculous, and I feel cheated out of the ending that I deserved. If this show would have been called “How I Met Your Aunt Robin” and ended after the first episode, I would have been fine with how this turned out. But since I wasted years of my life following Ted’s emotional roller coaster journey, the least the writers could have done is let this poor guy live happily ever after with someone who won’t inevitably rip his heart out again.

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Fuck you, Shonda Rimes. Seriously. Fuck you.

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