The 51 Commandments Of Girl Code


Just like in life, there are certain rules to being a girl. They’re unspoken, but important nonetheless. The rules of girl code are always changing with the times, and they might even be different within your own friend group. These rules aren’t law. They’re simply a guide to being the best girl you can possibly be to your friends and other females alike.

  1. Thou shall always give a tampon to another girl in need, even if you don’t even know her and she just asked you from under the stall.
  2. Same goes for toilet paper.
  3. Thou shall secretly and immediately tell a girl if she has lipstick on her teeth.
  4. Thou shall never abandon drunk friends, no matter how annoying they are.
  5. When given a compliment by a stranger or friend, thou shall always compliment her back.
  6. It’s just common courtesy.
  7. Thou shall always ask permission before going after a girl friend’s brother.
  8. But thou shall never divulge the details to said friend.
  9. Thou shall hate the people your girl friends hate.
  10. But thou shall never bully or intimidate another girl just because your friends don’t like her.
  11. Thou shall always let a girl know if her zipper is unzipped or her skirt is tucked into her underwear.
  12. Thou shall always be proud of another girl’s success, because it doesn’t mean you’re a failure.
  13. Thou can always use another girl’s success as motivation.
  14. Thou shall never date another girl friend’s ex, unless she says it’s okay first.
  15. Thou shall keep your mouth closed if you don’t like your girl friend’s boyfriend. Just because he’s an asshole to some people doesn’t mean he’s an asshole to her.
  16. Unless he’s hurting her (physically or mentally), let her make the decisions.
  17. Thou shall cancel all plans for the next week if said asshole breaks your friend’s heart.
  18. Thou shall arrive promptly and with ice cream.
  19. Thou shall always be honest when another girl says, “How do I look?”
  20. HONEST. Not rude. If you think she would look better in a different shirt, pick one out for her.
  21. Thou shall always tell another girl when her foundation is too dark for her face.
  22. Thou shall sympathetically listen when another girl is complaining about her boyfriend.
  23. Thou shall also forget it ever happened when she forgives the guy the next day.
  24. Thou shall always obey the rule of “dibs” when it comes to meeting hot guys in bars.
  25. Thou shall hold all secrets told to her as sacred.
  26. Unless your best friend asks. You tell her everything.
  27. Thou shall give dirty glares to another girl’s ex when you see him.
  28. Thou shall (try to) refrain from giving dirty glares to her exes’ new girlfriend. She didn’t do anything to you.
  29. Unless she broke them up. Then you have freedom to stare her down all night.
  30. Thou shall refer to your friend’s new boyfriend as “cute,” even if he’s an ugly troll.
  31. Thou shall never have a threesome with a friend. It’s just awkward afterwards.
  32. Thou shall never judge a friend who sleeps with a lot of guys.
  33. That being said, thou shall make sure said friend is being safe, and go with her to get tested if she asks.
  34. Thou shall never ditch your girlfriends for a guy.
  35. Thou shall always leave the party or bar with the girls you came with.
  36. Unless your friend wants to go home with a super hot guy she just met.
  37. As long as she promises to tell you every detail over Starbucks the next morning, it’s okay.
  38. Thou shall do everything in your power to stop your friend from going home with a guy you know she’ll regret hooking up with.
  39. Thou shall snitch on a guy who has a girlfriend and is trying to flirt with you or anyone.
  40. Thou shall take your friend’s solo shots for the ‘gram. As many as she wants.
  41. Thou shall help said friend pick a filter and Facetune the picture if need be.
  42. Thou shall not upload pictures where you look good and your friend looks bad.
  43. Even if you don’t tag her in it, everyone who follows you already knows who she is.
  44. Thou shall trust no bitch who says she hates pizza. Or carbs. Or cheese. Or anything deliciously bad for you.
  45. Thou shall not give another friend shit if she breaks her diet after only one day.
  46. Thou shall never go to the bathroom alone.
  47. Thou shall reserve the right to be completely self-absorbed on her birthday and on her wedding day. All other days are negotiable.
  48. Thou shall save a girl from being hit on by a creepy guy.
  49. Thou shall lie when your boyfriend asks how many people you’ve slept with.
  50. Thou shall always “like” a friend’s new Instagram post, especially if it’s a selfie.
  51. Thou shall always be there when your girl friend needs a shoulder to cry on, a bottle of wine to share, and a binge-watching buddy.

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Cristina Montemayor

Cristina is a Grandex Writer and Content Manager. She was an intern for over two years before she graduated a semester early to write about college full time, which makes absolutely no sense. She regretfully considers herself a Carrie, but is first and foremost a Rory. She tends to draw strong reactions from people. They are occasionally positive. You can find her in a bar as you're bending down to tie your shoes, drinking Dos XX and drunk crying to Elton John. Email her: (not .com).

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